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alternate 12/12 grow tents

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  • alternate 12/12 grow tents

    I've never been on a forum before so bare with me please. I live in a cold climate and would like to grow in a garage. If I had 2 grow tents during flowering phase with GT1 at lights on while GT2 was lights off and I ducted the heated output from GT1 to GT2 then 12 hrs later did the opposite would this provide a more ideal atmosphere for both grow tents by 1. recycling the otherwise lost heat and using the exhaled CO2 from GT1 dark phase in GT2 light phase then vice versa.

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    Hey Stinky. Welcome.
    Sounds like a good idea as far as the heat is concerned. The idea that plants exhale CO2 at night has some truth but is also a bit of an over simplification. IMO you need a constant supply of fresh air at all stages of the grow. Can you warm some of the air as it enters the system?


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      These tips and hints have helped me with growing and developing as I'm looking to start doing decent cultivation. Wrapt to have this info at hand. Thanks


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        That's good to hear that we may have helped. Good luck with your future grows.