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    Hello, i am new here and i need some help. Growing outdoors for now 4 weeks. 17 L pot in greenhouse. Have cold nights ( not freezing), but warm days. Other plants are ok. Only this one don't feel good. Healthy plant photo also here. Sorry for my bad english. Thank you.
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    Hi Wiecha. She does look a bit stressed. You've got some claw going on there. This can be caused by a few different things.
    Nitrogen toxicity is a common cause. Could you be over feeding them?
    Also, the soil looks a bit muddy. What is in it?
    Or, the most common mistake - could you be over-watering her?


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      Hi, thank You for replay. It is a good soil with humus, a bit sand. Only i forgot to add perlite, but dont think this is a reason. I feed them with very weak fertilizer mix and soil is not to wet. From the begining she is a bit unhealthy. Another 4 plants is going well at the same conditions. I can't imagine what is the problem. Thanks.


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          Did I miss where you are geographical speaking? about. How cold are those nights? It only has to get too cold for a short time. Those babies look young and tender, and cold.


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            Yes it is possibly to cold at nights. We have very shitty spring this year. I will try my best and hope she will get better. Thanks.
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