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  • Help a newbie please

    Hello everyone, I'm newbie, want to try indoor growing, what led should try?
    Have heard many leds, viparspectra, Mars Hydro, black dog so many leds. had viewed their website, all are good reviews, I don't believe that, so want to know some real reviews.
    Btw, not a electrician, so won't DIY own light. Thank you!

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    HI smokesara. Welcome.
    I use a pair of Spectrum King 450s and am very happy with them. I got them from a recommendation on this site.
    Here is a review that they did on HTG.


    • smokesara
      smokesara commented
      Editing a comment
      Oh, SK looks awesome, it is over 1g/w, but I found that the price might a little expensive, I'm new, I don't want to put a lot $ on the first try. Thank U

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    I agree the price is high. Mine are on semi-permanent loan from a friend which makes it a lot easier.