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    Hello everybody
    I made a few posts a long while back about building a secret grow room. My situation has been in a state of flux since then but I am finally in a place where I am able to carry out a quick and crafty grow. I have built a very stealthy space and it is all ready to go. I then ordered some auto somango seeds which arrived today.
    I will start posting pictures of the plants and my grow room as soon as I have cracked the seeds.
    In the meantime, this is what I will be growing......

    Click image for larger version

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    Hybrid Autoflowering delicious aroma and tropical fruit flavors and excellent production levels due to its profuse lateral branching and buds of good quality. It has a very stimulating and euphoric effect.

    Genetics: Somango
    Yield: 350-400 g
    THC: 15%
    Indoor Height: 60-90 cm
    Outdoor height: 90-120 cm
    Indoor flowering time: April to November
    Harvest outdoors: April to November

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    Never heard of Auto Somango. The reviews are really good. Good luck with it. Let us know how it all goes.


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      Auto Somango grow room

      Not much worth photographing yet so I thought I would show you guys the space that I have built.
      Click image for larger version

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      As I explained before stealth is a big issue for me so the space I have is quite small. It is very well hidden away.
      I've got the fan/filter that I showed you guys before hanging from the top. The big light is a 125W cfl and then there are 4 X 20W cfls giving me a total of 205W. This gives me around 1400 lumens. I have painted the walls white and although you cant see it I have fabricated a reflector from a sheet of metal (an old metal bread bin!)
      I have another 3 X 23 watt cfls on order which should bring my total lumens up to about 1900 which should be plenty.
      I have had the system running to check it out and it is almost silent, just a whisper really. There are a couple of light leaks but I can fix those before I put the plants in.
      I know from past experience that cfls will veg no problem but that there is sometimes an issue with flowers being light and lacking density. However I reckon that this will be enough. We will see when I stick my lovely Auto Somango in it.
      I'm probably going to put her in on a 20/4 cycle but am interested to know if any of you guys have grown autos and what light cycle you used. I'm quite tempted to go flat out 24/0. Any thoughts?


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        Doh! I started one of my seeds directly in a pot. What came up looked a bit weird and I wasn't too happy but I thought I would wait for the first full set of leaves to see. And I was right! I have just spent a week growing a garden weed that must have got mixed up in the soil! What an idiot! The real seed failed to germinate.
        Have just put another seed in tissue paper to germinate the traditional way. Will keep you all posted.


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          Hi Smoke Me

          Cannabis plants will only use 18 hours of light a day. You can keep your lights on 24 hours, but plants will only use 18 hours of those 24 hours to grow.
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            Thanks Blazd. I never knew that.
            Finally got my seed germinated. It took about 5 days to crack but she's finally shown herself. We've got some good weather here at the moment so I've put her in natural sunlight for a while before I put her in her new home. I will post some pics soon.


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              Haha! Growing weeds.. It's an easy mistake to make.
              On a serious note, this shows how garden soil can become contaminated. It was just a weed seed this time but could have been bugs or fungal spores. I find it always pays to use brand new shop bought soil/compost on your plants. This is normally pasteurized before sale and should be guaranteed to be free of any contaminants.
              Good luck Saturnalia. look forward to seeing your pics.


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                Here she is on day 7. Have just repotted her today. Hope it doesn't upset her too much.
                Instead of putting more smaller bulbs in to augment the light I have changed the 125 cfl to a 300w dual spectrum cfl. Will need to check later on to make sure it's not running too hot. But it's looking pretty good in there. All I need now is for this baby girl to grow!
                Click image for larger version

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                  Yes there she grows. Good job getting her going.

                  I remember when I first started growing, using miracle grow soil mix and had garden mushrooms growing out of it, Wow I was shocked. wtf is going on here I said to myself Oh No!!!!! what have I done? will I be able to smoke these plants? Jeessss!!! and that was that, with pre~made soil mix and weird stuff growing from it.


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                    My local landfill site used to do a deal where you gave them your old Christmas tree and they gave you a few sacks of 'organic' compost. I came home with it and in the spring dug it into my garden. Within a week my veg plot was covered with giant mutant mushrooms unlike any I had ever seen before! Never again.


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                      Day 13. Starting to get into her stride now.
                      Click image for larger version

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                        Day 16
                        Click image for larger version

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                          Day 20. This little girl seems to love the new home I have made for her. If she was a dog she'd be wagging her tail!
                          Click image for larger version

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                            Day 23. Looking good. I gave her some very week bio bloom yesterday. I can see her growing by the day. Not sure if it comes across in the pics but there are a few long white pistils evident so she's getting into flowering mode.
                            Click image for larger version

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                              Looking great. She's really taking off. Can just about make out the pistils in the third pic. What's the total time expected for the Auto Somango?