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Anyone familiar with the PUFFiT?

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  • Anyone familiar with the PUFFiT?

    I have been looking into investing in a portable vaporizer. Having read the reviews the PUFFiT stands out the most. Looks discreet and stealthy and the spec is pretty high. Does anybody here have any personal experience of using it? Or any other portable vape thatb they would like to recommend?

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    I have used one. Good quality vapor, real discreet. I see they're going for under $150. They're definitely good value for money.

    Find out more about it here
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      Hi Mr Scruff
      I've been using my PUFFiT for a week or two and am loving it. Very smooth. Very easy to use. It seems to make your weed lasty much longer too. I put in about a spliffs worth and me and the wife get 4 or 5 big hits each. Much more effect than we would have got straight from the spliffs.
      I haven't stopped with the spliffs totally yet, that's a long and hard habbit to break, but we've cut down loads.
      Top marks from me and Mrs C21H30O2.


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        I own almost every portable on the market at this time.
        Besides the obvious benefits of the MFLB (cost, speed of hit, and efficiency), there are other good units.
        My experience with the Puffit was nothing like yours.
        I did not like it and gave it away 3rd day.
        The choice can be based on need for stealth.
        If stealth is not an issue, the Solo is a great portable that gives SSV sized hits on a pinch of herb.
        The Pax is great too, but it has a hefty price tag... and when it is all said and done, thePax uses a good amount of herb, so is not that great for conserving weed.
        The Inhalater is the best extraction device I have seen. It also is costly at 250... but has a varied dial setting that has 10 places with half points... and is dead accurate.
        I often still use my Iolite, for extra long sessions.
        If you go to the thread named "Vaporizer Corner", you will see me doing a video of about a dozen of the most recent portables... including the week old "FlashVape"
        For more videos, see my Youtube Channel, Vapor Trail Youtube
        Vitolo's Vaporizer Corner
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          Vitolo u da man


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            The Puffit is remarkably easy to use. All you have to do is unscrew the silver cap to expose the heating chamber and load your weed. This unit is quite small, has a decent battery life and is very light weight which makes it very portable.