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I pissed on my plants

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  • I pissed on my plants

    G'day SeedHuggers,

    I've recently been experimenting with urine, yup that's correct. I have been pissing on my plants. If you have had any experience with pissing on your plants you'd be well aware that human piss is in fact a very good natural fert. I don't recommend taking a dump on your plant but whipping out your wang once every few days and taking a nice long piss all over your plant will greatly benefit the growth. I don't dilute my piss, I do however gently rinse the piss stains off my plant.

    Humans have been pissing on their crops for thousands of years so it's nothing new, in fact most developing Nations still piss on their plants. I would not recommend pissing on edible plants, so if you are into edible cannabis, I'd suggest you resist the urge to piss on your plants.. I know it's a tough temptation to resist, but hey. Who wants to eat their own piss?

    I know what most of you are probably thinking and yea, pissing on your plants is kinda savage, but hey, I'm a fkn savage.

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    Ya you best be checking the pH of your piss cause i bet ya 10-1 it is very acidic, which is not good for you plants. And if you really did piss on them you should be flushing at the end when your ready to crop anyways so you wouldnt taste your piss. So i am thinking you dont even grow to begin with. LoL


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      I piss on my raspberries....