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I pissed on my plants

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  • I pissed on my plants

    G'day SeedHuggers,

    I've recently been experimenting with urine, yup that's correct. I have been pissing on my plants. If you have had any experience with pissing on your plants you'd be well aware that human piss is in fact a very good natural fert. I don't recommend taking a dump on your plant but whipping out your wang once every few days and taking a nice long piss all over your plant will greatly benefit the growth. I don't dilute my piss, I do however gently rinse the piss stains off my plant.

    Humans have been pissing on their crops for thousands of years so it's nothing new, in fact most developing Nations still piss on their plants. I would not recommend pissing on edible plants, so if you are into edible cannabis, I'd suggest you resist the urge to piss on your plants.. I know it's a tough temptation to resist, but hey. Who wants to eat their own piss?

    I know what most of you are probably thinking and yea, pissing on your plants is kinda savage, but hey, I'm a fkn savage.

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    Ya you best be checking the pH of your piss cause i bet ya 10-1 it is very acidic, which is not good for you plants. And if you really did piss on them you should be flushing at the end when your ready to crop anyways so you wouldnt taste your piss. So i am thinking you dont even grow to begin with. LoL


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      I piss on my raspberries....


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        You pissed on your plants? Have you no respect? Hey, just joking Ozzii! Piss on em all you want! You’re the one gots to smoke ‘em! I myself would not piss on my plants. I have 5000 and couldn’t get to all of them in one pissing! But this isn’t to say I don’t agree with you. You’re right that folks have been pissing on their crops for like, forever. Ever read the bottle of a plant food?
        See the letters, N P K ? They stand for Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous (maybe not in that order!). But mammal piss is full of Nitrogen and plants love Nitrogen. So yeah, I piss on my grass, and everything growing around my house and they love it. Before I moved out to BC, I had this cute little house in Manitoba and every winter the snow-ploughs would scrape off the grass on the edge of my yard along the road. I’ve been pissing in a bucket for years ever since I learned that flushing your toilet just for a piss wastes 5 gallons of water every time you piss! Every spring, I would dump my “piss tank” on that wrecked part of my yard by the road and by the first of June all the grass would grown back! Every day I dump my bucket of piss on patches of my yard that look weak and it brings them right back to a healthy green.
        But I wouldn’t piss on my potted marijuana plants for two reasons: I’m a soil grower in 10 gallon buckets with holes drilled out the bottom for drainage. 1 plant per bucket times 5000 equals a lot of buckets! No matter how good they drain though, my piss would build up in my soil and make it too acidic, so pots are too confining for piss, but outside is OK. Second, because I’m a commercial all- organic grower of medical marijuana for my customers, and even if piss was OK for my potted MJ girls, I don’t for consideration of my customers. Even though piss is “organic” my customers would be none too happy if they found out me and my gang were pissing in their product!
        You say you’re a savage and savage is good! But you sound like you also grow “organically” so I would recommend you try growing organically in soil without your piss! Every harvest, all those 5000 buckets of soil get dumped into our compose pile that sits for a whole year before we use it again. We have two huge piles, so when one pile is composting with all the good organic waste we mix back into it like bird shit, bat shit, fish bones (in BC we eat a lot of fresh salmon running up river to spawn) and fish shit from our giant fish tanks we clean out weekly, just for that purpose, (we sell the fish we raise at markets) our composed soil becomes rich in nutrients for our girls. We never use store-bought plant food and our plants get all the N P K they need plus all their important micro-nutrients.
        Come harvest time, we use an organic Tom’s Tumble Trimmer to trim all our Buds from those 5000 plants. That’s a shit-load of Beautiful Bud dude! Our TTT’s trim so perfectly, we got five! And check this out, they don’t even need any maintenance or cleaning! They’re real workhorses and they’ve been running like brand new for 4 years since we bought ‘em! Even though they’re machines, I call them “organic” because they have no metal blades and don’t strip our Buds of that sticky valuable resin that blades do. They use a secret patented mesh to tumble the dry Buds so when they tumble, they gently trim each other to perfection! We never have to touch ‘em. The mesh like I said is patented because its a solid material and works like Teflon but its not poisonous like Teflon. It’s medically approved medical/food grade material and NOTHING STICKS to it! It leaves all the valuable trichomes, crystals and terpenes on our Buds and trim where it belongs! That’s why I call them “organic”. Up here in Canada the fucking government makes licensed commercial growers use chemical fertilizers and pesticides even when they’re growing “medical” and that’s why our customers love us because they can depend on us to produce 100% pure organically grown quality medical grade Buds! And we don’t even have a license! And we never will, because up here in Canada when it does get “legal” it’ll be just a massive tax grab for the government! They make so much laws up here, they can’t keep track of ‘em all to enforce and we slip under the radar and sell to licensed dispensaries in Vancouver who used to be “illegal” before they got licensed!
        But we only sell a small portion of our dry Buds to these dispensaries and they’re always crying for more! For the most part, we have our own Genius extraction and ATG robotic filling machines and make our own powerful CBD/THC oil from most of the Buds we grow and then bottle it for sublingual spray bottles and vape cartridges and sell those to the dispensaries.
        Whoa! I do get carried away sometimes! Just a little subject like Piss can really get me going! So listen, Mr. Ozzii, please try not to piss on your plants too often. Once in a while is OK as you’ve seen for yourself, but don’t make a daily habit of it or your plants will turn from happy plants into dying ones!


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          I piss everywhere!