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  • The Joe Rogan Experience

    Joe Rogan might appeal to many people on these forums. He's Pro Drug, very intelligent, and funny as shit.

    The Joe Rogan Experience is a podcast where Joe sits down with a surprising variety of guests, smokes a fatty (sometimes with the guest), and gets into deep discussions. The guests include physicists, astronomers, historians, hunters, nutrition experts, authors, MMA fighters, and comedians. The podcast is available for audio download from Itunes and HD video channel on Youtube.

    For example. Joe Rogan discusses the origins of the universe with Physicist Brian Cox:

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    This is great Harry. I'm going to spend some time checking these out. Thanks.


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      Joe Rogan has so many good guests, here's 3 I highly recommend.

      Graham Hancock is everybody's favorite. He was a journalist for The Economist until he met a monk that claimed to have the Lost Ark. That meeting sent Graham on a quest for ancient mysteries. His 4-5 appearances are all good.

      Randall Carlson. Has compiled evidence that the earth was struck by a comet 12,500 years ago, ending the last ice age.

      Les Stroud. Survivor man hunts for Bigfoot and Joe Rogan goofs on him for it.