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Sexing and Topping

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  • Sexing and Topping

    My plants are going on about 8 weeks now and was wondering I just topped my 2 AK47 plants ,they were at 18 inches tall.My other plants are real bushy and stand just 12 inches tall. They are my White Widow. They all look healthy but not showing any signs of sex. Got them on 18/6 and was wondering go ahead and flip to 12/12 and see what happens. I have been trying to download somE pictures but for some reason I cant. I know the problem with that is on my end. Thanks for any info.

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    I topped my Dark Horse plants when they were on there 4th nodes and there just fine. Mine are showing sex already and leaning towards females. Mine are showing right on the sides of the nodes. But evrey Strain shows later or earlier depending on genetics. So give it time. Yours may not even show intill it starts to flower you never excatly know.


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      Here is a few pictures. I switched to 12/12 today,will give it a week or two. Thanks for the help.


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        You see those little things sticking out on the sides of your nodes those are early sexting parts. Females most likely. Mine have the same. If they were males they would be growing little balls inside the nodes that look like ball sacks. Females grow there parts on the side of the nodes not the inside.


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          Thanks that is nice to know,I kept looking for the white whiskers


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            They don't come out intill later