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  • After harvest

    I am new at growing and was wondering how long can you keep your harvest . Iam only growing for my own stash.Thanks

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    According to Greg Green's "The Cannabis Grow Bible": " 8 weeks old bud can smoke extremely well and year old bud is vintage stuff but can loose potency. Fresh bud (8 weeks canned
    curing) is the pinnacle point of cured bud. After that some of the THC cannabinoids change composition and become different cannabinoid compounds. Fresh bud is far better than aged bud."
    You can find the eBook on (registration required, but worth it)


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      Thanks for the info.


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        There are many folks that believe their harvest improves as it is being burped in jars and when done they use a Boveda moisture pack to keep your stash hydrated to perfection! To me, I feel it is how you dry and pack it as to how long it will keep. I have some Jack Herer that is 4 yrs. old and I still enjoy it. It still has great potency and taste! Mega nute


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          I'm with mega it's all in keeping after drying the air out almost like coffee beans the more air the freshest is lost!


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            Thanks for the info