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Synthetic Weed Screwing with Legalization?

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  • Synthetic Weed Screwing with Legalization?

    Just finished reading this article on how bad press for synthetic weed could hurt legalizing weed. I've always avoided synthetics but my buddy came to visit from Stockholm and bought some at a smoke shop. He said he felt pretty messed up from it. I'm just glad he didn't rip his clothes off and start punching things or try to cut off my head. I guess people who don't smoke weed may not even see that there's a difference between MMJ and synthetic weed.
    Medical marijuana and synthetic marijuana are two completely different drugs, though you'd never know it from their names.

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    I've heard some really bad stories about synthetic weed. It's not for me.
    This is a symptom of drug prohibition in general. While the authorities are clamping down on relatively safe legal drugs, the market keeps coming up with these crazy new legal highs that are untested and are killing people. And then the press reports another 'drug death'. It's crazy.


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      Yeah, it seems like a vicious cycle. Someone was just telling me that Spice uses the same chemicals as bath salts. It's disgusting.


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        Of course the media is ignoring the difference either from laziness or because someone is paying them to ignore it.