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Newbie here. Greetings!

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  • Newbie here. Greetings!

    Just wanted to stop in and post an intro... I am growing three seeds I found in a Big Widow flower I got at the dispensary. I have a couple that look really healthy to me.. Although one is smaller than the other two... and one of them seems to have a genetic defect that is making some leaves grow together.. as seen in the photos.

    I am open to suggestions if there are any...

    I am growing these in a shed and nothing fancy. Upper OK area. Very warm for a few more weeks but using a swamp cooler to keep the humidity up until they get vigorous. And using 400W MH lighting.. every several days I have been switching to 400W HPS lamp for one day, then back to MH. The lamps are placed at 18" above the tops of the plants. My lighting cycle is 18/6. On at 6 AM and off at midnight.

    I have space blankets tacked to the wall to increase light reflection. See photos.... I keep door closed in the evening to keep the late evening bugs out. Open during the day to keep air circulation unrestricted. It is humid during the lighting hours (due to the evaporative cooler) and the temp has been over 85, but that should get better in a few weeks when the season changes.

    The Big Widow strain tends to give a harvest around 11-13 weeks and the plant itself is said to grow to around 30-40" at maturity.

    Lord knows I am not a professional, but I think I can do this... Let me know what you all think.......
    The healthiest one. The one with wonky leaves Difference in size

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    Also, Here is what my grow area looks like


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      Three weeks today.


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        Transplanted from solo cup to larger pots today. So far they are just doing great.


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          Good you transplanted. What soil are you using? Number one thing, don't over water!! Better less than more especially right now. Also do you have a fan in your shed? If not get one, air circulation is your friend. Also at 18" watch for light bleaching on your seedlings. Might not happen, but look out for it.


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            Going very well. Just using Walmart soil. Nice and loose. layer of rocks on bottom of the pot with drain holes. Fed them first time last night. Using 29-6-12 plant food. Will get flowering plant food when it is time.
            I have a Honeywell evaporative cooler in there. Keeps it circulating nicely. I am trying to do everything exactly right.
            These were taken last night.