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  • Newby here!

    I'm Lou, and I am I will be starting a small personal grow when I receive my grow license from my state.
    We live in a Single wide trailer 60x10' Our rooms are generally spoken for, but we are stubborn and are willing to buy a shed and put it in the back yard.

    I use medicinal cannabis and have a current medical consumption license, and when I come up for renewal we will apply for a personal grow license in addition to my consumption license. I have seizures and right now we aren't sure if it is Epilepsy or FND but we know its a misfire in the brain some where. I have just completed all of my brain scans and still have blood work coming up.

    What should a person who has never grown cannabis know about getting started? When I first get started I will only be growing my medicinal cannabis for my personal use so like a single plant may hold me for a month.

    When my Fiance gets his medical license it will be a grow for 2 people only.

    We are looking at keeping it a very secure, very secret grow considering we live in a mobile home park..

    I used to be a professional trimmer, but not a grower.
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    Hi Lushadra. Welcome to the forum.
    I think the first thing you need to do is read read read. There is a wealth of information now available on the internet. Start with this site, it's full of all the information that you need to get started. Youtube is also a very valuable resource.
    You will need to buy some equipment. That can be a challenge in itself as, once you start reading, you often get the feeling that you need loads of expensive kit. This is actually not the case. You can grow weed successfully on a limited budget. I know this because I have done it. The one most important bit of equipment, and one that you should try and get the absolute best that you can afford, is lighting (assuming your grow will be totally indoors). A good grow light/s is crucial. Soil, feed, ventilation... these are all things where some creative thinking can save you money. However cheap lighting results in half formed flowers and tiny yields.
    Feel free to ask questions when you have them, but that's my advice - read as much as you can and buy some decent lights.


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      Good start. Tips are helpful. We continue to study


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        hi i agree lights are the most important.if you are on a tight budget like i was i have had great success with 100 watt cool white flood lights i found on ebay.If your handy you can pick up a 10 pack for around 120.00 bucks but they need to have a plug wired on witch is really easy. For the flowering stage i add a few full spectrums to them and also put a red lens on them that you can buy in any auto parts store. I use a shed also and for the ventilation you can use a 25.00 bath room exhaust fan from home depot. And for seeds i have tried over 20 different strains of autos the best i have had i get from msnl seed bank i very seldom go any where else for your first time i would try the white widow and the mango autos. They both are very easy and have good yeilds and finish in just about 60 days or real close to it. Once they germinate in a paper towel plant them in a 3-4 gallon pot. I would try the first grow just by letting them do there own thing so you can get the hang of how the grow then after that you could experiment with some training that might up the yield but i have tried them both ways and theres not much difference with those strains.


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          Some great advice here Lou. Let us know how your grow goes.