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Former industry worker, new to growing

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  • Former industry worker, new to growing

    What a great site!!

    I spent 3 years working in the cannabis industry in California before walking away in October, with the regulations making it kind of hard to make money right now.

    So now I don't get all the free weed I want anymore and I want to start growing as a hobby now that I own a house as well.

    I just started germinating my seeds indoors. I want to plant outdoors in grow bags so I can move them around. What size grow bag should I get? I'm trying to have 6 plants going at once.

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    Hi Johnny. Welcome. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
    I've never known anyone to use grow bags. My experience of weed is that the root mass is a bit big for grow bags. Obviously you could do it, and doubtless get good results, but personally I would be happier in the ground,, or in big pots if they needed to be movable.