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    Hello All, I am new to growing, and it has finally become legal in our state of Michigan. Winters are long and cold here so I thought I would try my hand at growing inside in our basement. I am still in the process of building my 6x6 grow room. So with that being said, hello and Thanks for information.

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    Hi Tom. Welcome.
    There's lots and lots of information around to help you get going. Sometimes it seems a bit too much info and it gets to seem pretty complicated. It's not though. Provide your plants with their basic needs and you'll do fine.
    What's your thinking on an initial set up?


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      Hi Schmokin, and thank you!, I'm in the process of building my "grow room", but have been researching on how to grow indoors in soil, and RDWC (Recirculating Deep Water Culture) or Bubbler hydroponics. What is hard for me to comprehend is the Ec, PPM, and TDS. So as I build I research, the hard part is understanding it all. In my grow room I am planning on having a 4inch intake (fresh air from outside) and 6inch exhaust w/can charcoal filter. I'm going to purchase a Nextlight MEGA LED. I plan on having my grow room tighter than a crabs ass. There you have it Schmokin. Have a great day my friend!


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        Cool. Like everything that you learn Tom, at first it seems a bit impenetrable, but before you know it, it will all seem simple and make total sense. Keep at it.


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          Hi, everybody. I just wanted to share my joy. Spannabis was unrealistic cool