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    Not sure what happened to my account but seems its not here anymore so had to start all over again. Anyways i bought myself a grow tent kit that came with everything ya need to start up. Now its legal here in Canada and allowed 4 plants. I got some Early Miss feminized autoflower seeds and germinated 4 and so far only 2 are up one has its first set of leaves and other hasnt shook off its husk. I will show later once they're more established.

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    Someone delete Katzie_Wolf i figured out which email i used to sign up originally lol my bad, i am back with regular account now


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      Hi Katzie. I'd wondered where you had gone.
      Happy days eh. I can only imagine what legalisation would feel like. It's on account of my run ins with the legal system that I don't grow at the moment. I'm still quite high on their radar!
      Looking forward to seeing more of your grow.