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  • new at this...lots of questions

    I have a healthy looking plant that is 6 in. tall, 12 in wide. I thought it would be taller by the time it have 5 leaves at the top. Am I wrong, or did I do something wrong?

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    Hi Miles. Welcome to the forum.
    You've not necessarily done anything wrong. Personally I try really hard to get tight internodes. The internodal length has a lot of variables that can affect it. Not least, the strain of plant you're growing. You don't say what strain it is.
    Some strains, particularly indica dominant varieties, can be very short, especially at the beginning of the grow.
    The proximity of the light can also have an effect.
    To be honest we get more beginner problems that involve long lanky plants that can't support themselves.
    Although it's impossible to say if anything is wrong without a picture, I wouldn't say that it is just because the plant is short.
    Are the leaves big and fat and green and healthy? If so then it sounds ok to me.