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  • taking the mystery out / opinions / advice

    Once upon a time I could spend half the winter studying flower seed catalogs . At the moment browsing seed bank offerings and I'm clueless ! Honestly IDK the difference.........wondering if anyone cares to expand on their favs and why ? Which are more forgiving and which are persnickity ? Disease resistant or cold hardier ?

    I get it most are hybrids and sativas are generally much taller but honestly when it comes to a rational decision ?????? I'd like to try an indoor auto and possibly early start some outdoor seedings. Wondering if autos makes sense for outdoor in the spring - something that would be oblivious to days getting longer . Scouting ''safe'' spots for a long grow sativa soooooooo . Forrest Gump version - any advice or leanings ?

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    Hey zzzybil
    What is it you want out of your weed?
    Smoking, vaping or eating?
    Personal use?
    Sell a bit and make some money?
    Rest and Relaxation?
    Medicine, pain relief?
    Getting high and creative?
    Getting psychedelic and trippy?
    Do you want a quick turnaround? Do you care about big yields? Indoors or outdoors? Hydro or soil?

    People grow weed for a few different reasons and with all the modern hybrids there's a strain for every eventuality. Indicas are generally easier and quicker and sleepier. Sativas generally take longer, are a bit more tricky and give a more uplifting high. But with hybridisation it's not always as straight forward as that.

    Personally I enjoy training plants and like an upbeat high so I prefer a sativa dominant strain. for most of the time. I also like to have a night time strain to help me sleep of an evening.
    I really enjoyed growing MK Ultra, 707 Headband, Black Diesel and as an auto - Auto Somango.

    If you let us know what it is you want from your weed I'd be happy to recommend some strains for you.


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      I tend to like Indica dominant hybrids. They work well for me as my pain meds and tend to finish earlier compared to Sativa dominant strains. Lots of varieties out there. Money Maker from Strain Hunters was a phenomenal grow for me. Autos have been hit and miss for me. Some were a disappointment but a few grew into monsters.


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        I personally think autos are a bit of a waste of time. They don't make the time period that much quicker and produce much lower yields and remove some element of control. They seem easier but there's not really that much in it.