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  • big thanks

    Excited to have found a dynamic learning site ! Absorbing as much as I can from the noobs to the seasoned veterans . Some slight experience from a greenhouse many years ago. I made ''tea'' outta shrimpheads before I knew what tea was . Stinky stuff but everything loved it . Recently retired ,older now and ate up with sciatica , bum knee and the poverty of ''golden years''....... Lord weed was $10 a sack back in the day lol...... No way I can afford the prices now that I don't have to pass urine screens . That and prolly better for me than xanax, and liver & renal killing nsaids.
    Trying too hard and fairly discouraged - fungus gnats and damping off . Dropped , broke and killed - more than I want to admit to ! About to get cold here. Studying the composting threads .fascinated by the organic and microbial info . Kinda freaks me out the fungicides and poisons that seem common in commercial grows - ??? how do they pass ??
    Anyway afraid a lil bit but living afraid- enuff jabber , back to reading

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    big thanks, are you trying to grow indoors? I'm probably about your age. Kinda been trying to grow as a rookie in the past. Oklahoma passed Med weed this year so now not so scared about growing. Have gone all out on my first grow since legal. have 2 CMH LIGHTS


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      sorry hit the enter key before done. anyway, i'm doing my first SCROG grow but have been trying to grow off and on for the last 30 years but not having the best results. This time i'm going all out! Have 6 plants under 2 315W CMH lights and 1 Kind LED. Using Coco Loco soil and and Foxfarm nutrients for feed. Growing in my shop in 7 gallon cloth pots and couldn't be happier. See my grow diary to see how i am progressing. am trying to learn from others plus what i can glean from the internet. This site seems kinda lacking in participation but i am trying to help change that with my grow diary. Post some photo's so i can see what you are up to.
      Yes remember $10 bucks a "lid" in the old days. Of course what they are growing now is like a nuke compared to back then.


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        Hopscotchin around here and it's alot of resource info whether dated or not . I will look see if I can find your diary . Hodge podge just weighing how much electricity $$ vs spring outdoors ? Lucky you on the legal med state ! Can't see the prudence if I had anything to post.- I'm sure there's a lot more lurkers than posters. I'm trying to live on a severe budget .......jackin up utilities ? HAHA 1st freeze commin nx few days... questioning my sanity. Dampin off and fungus gnats making me think free sunshine . IDK