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    Hey guys, new to the forum. I found the forum through bud on twitter, i have quite the situation. Im from South Africa and the country has recently legalised the private use of Marijuana now i recently moved into a house and in the garden i found 2 trees, now im a new grower and with the help of the blessed interwebs i confirmed that their aren't in great shape, i need help to identify the maturity, type and other things that i would need to know.

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    Looks like you lucked up on some smoke-able weed. You have to harvest it first and dry then cure it. It looks like what you have is already mature. There is absolutely no way to know what type of stuff it is unless you know the previous resident. Thank whomever you deem necessary for you blessing of a couple of live plants, that you get to reap the fruits of their bounty. Guess you can tell I've been smoking.


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      I've been putting off harvesting t confirm if it was ready for harvest. Thanks for the heads up


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        You should throw away the stuff that looks moldy and you can rescue the rest.


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          Smoking mould is really bad for you. Avoid anything that has mould on it.