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  • Having read everything you can

    I have been studying everything there is to know about pot.I have a grow chamber that is 4 feet high and 2 feet deep. I have 2 Afghan Indica Girls flowing nicely. I have over 546 3 watt,liquid cooled Led`s. The whole cabinet is so bright. I am getting buds over 90% of plant itself.No blind spoots, It is amazing.

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    Hi Jjesjr. Welcome.
    Your grow sounds great. That's a lot of leds. I bet it looks like a space station. I would be interested to know how you have mounted them. And what colour they are.
    I'm a big fan of the LED


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      I use the right color`s while Veging and flowering. They are f"Full Spectrum"(Ever notice full spectrum is in the eye of the beholder/seller)
      SInce they are liquid cooled,I used a hot glue gun to instal,and a lot of glue sticks. You are right it is very bright,like headlights.