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    Just joined complete novice to growing! Got the seeds and currently wading thru the forum and website. From the UK in my early 60's I've come back to it as I want less artificial chemicals in me basically as I have long term
    Clinical depression ptsd and anxiety, having managed to get some decent stuff ( not easy these days!) tried it, it was great to get an hour or so free of the shite that goes on in my head!

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    Hey Mugwump. Welcome. It's good to hear that weed helps to quieten the voices. It helps me too.
    Keep on reading the stuff. It's all out there. If you have any specific questions, just ask here and we'll try and help you out. It's all very doable.
    If you want a more natural grow you'll probably be looking at soil. I find it easier and more forgiving of mistakes.
    Good luck with it.