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  • Hi, new here

    Hiya, my electricity supply was off for over 48 hours, my girls are in the beginning of their third week of flower. Buds showing on all colas, my concern is hermaphroditism. I've heard of the use of female hormones to boost the girls. Any body have ideas or experience that may help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Medicmate. Welcome to the forum.
    I have no experience of using hormones to redress this, but lots of experience with shock hermies from lighting failures.
    All I can say is keep a good eye on the girls. 48 hours is a long time and they may respond badly, although it's not definite.
    Watch out for those bananas and let us know how it works out for you.


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      Thanks Schmokin, I've used a commercial product I found that claims to do the job, however I was already to late by the time I got into town, I had already found "balls" on a few stems at node sites. I'm plucking and removing all balls I find, the stuff I bought claims to "turn around", not sure what to do but hope and pray. I have a 1 mt square room, and it's canopy of colas is so damn nice.
      This is my second grow inside for many years, a bit has changed, the web hadn't been invented when I last grew inside hydro.
      Thanks for all the great tips I've read on this site. Cheers from Australia


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        I hope it works out for you pal.
        Aye, it's changed a lot eh. Who knew there was so much to it....
        All for the good though.
        Let us know how it goes.
        Cheers from Scotland.