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New grower - frost protection

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  • New grower - frost protection

    First time growing outside in the northeast US? It is getting cold at night this time of year, how would frost affect the plants? Do I need to cover them when frost is imminent?

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    Hi Impostal. Yes! Frost will kill your plants. If you grow in an area that gets early frosts you need to pick a strain that finishes early. What strain are you growing? Do you know how long it has to go?


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      Hi Guys. Moved this post to its own topic so it will get seen better. Just keeping things tidy. Hope you don't mind.


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        I am growing Gold Leaf and have 3-4 weeks til harvest.


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          I've had plants in full flower that have seem repeated mornings with frost(28) and they shrugged it off. If the plant is still growing BUDS they may be more susceptible to cold.


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            I live in Scotland and have had indoor plants down to single figures (celcius). Their growth slowed and they developed a beautiful black/purple colouration. but they were still good to smoke. However freezing, or extended periods of very cold may kill them, these are not hardy plants. The exact level of hardiness will be down to that strain's specific genetics. Indicas will generally be hardier than sativas.
            You'll know yourself about local conditions, how sheltered their spot is, and when a frost is due. My advice would be to take them early if a frost is due. Better something than nothing. You could possibly cover them if it is to be a light frost. You'd probably get away with it. But personally I would keep a good eye on the weather and harvest early if a frost is forecast.
            Let us know how you get on.