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  • newbie here

    hi thanks for having me.
    i'm just now thinking about starting to grow due to medical reasons.
    i need any help and advice i can get. i'll be growing indoors 1-3 plants at a time. i need advice on a grow light and anything else.

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    i'm also thinking about the northern light's auto flowering to start with. yes/no?


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      Hi Dagger. Welcome. You've come to the right place for advice and tips. Have a good read of the website. There's a lot of info on lighting here. Everything you need to know to get going is here. Ask away on the forum if you have specific questions and we'll do our best to help.
      Autos is down to personal opinion. A lot of people consider them to be a good way to start out. They are quick and there's no need to sex or to alter the lighting. Personally, I think you'd be better with feminized plants. A full size Northern Lights won't take much longer than an auto and you'll get more bud for your buck.
      It would be good to see how your adventure unfolds. Let us know.


      • Dagger752
        Dagger752 commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks Schmokin. I'm going with the auto flowering fems Northern Lights. I'm also going to use a 600w Viparspectra grow light. I haven't quite decided on what type of soil, I could use some help in that area, Fox Farm, or Kind Soil. I'm only growing 2-3 plants at a time so I'd like the bigest yeild possible.
        Any suggestions would be helpful.
        Thanks in advance,

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      This is my plan: Northern Lights auto flowering fems & Blackberry auto fems.
      growing medium: base of 1# of Kind Soil with a top layer of Fox Farm FX14000.
      grow light: 600W Viparspectra.
      Any ideas or suggestions?


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        I reckon you're good to go. Just jump in. I think you'll enjoy the grow. It's great to read up and get all the information. Now it's time to do it.
        Good luck. Let us know.


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          good luck Dagger752 . If you haven't started yet, maybe consider a coco-grow? It's simple, and with good dialed-in nutes regime there should be no problems. My soil indoor grow was a pain, simply because feeding in soil can be troublesome if you don't know how to read the plants' signs. But maybe you're luckier than I.
          Another something to think about - in my experience, ViparSpectra 600W is a great light for vegging, but not so optimal for flowering, as it has a bit too much blue light, and less red (less than my other cheap led lights, for comparison).
          Final tip: Watch for bugs/pests! If you see any, act quickly, as they will reproduce over night so to say, and can harm your harvest badly.