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Please help with any tips, first time growing & already purchased some supplys.

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  • Please help with any tips, first time growing & already purchased some supplys.

    Hi, Im new here. I am starting to grow two to four Chronic plants and this my first time every growing anything. I am tired of paying so much for it because i smoke so much. Anyways, I already ordered this light. . I have a great supdoor shed for it. I have a hole in the wall & a big box fan so blow all the air out. I also have a few other smaller fans. I almost purchased some of that plastic/foil wrap stuff. Please tell me if that light will be okay, and please tell me if I should buy that stuff. I was hoping I could just use foil or something? also, Can you also help me out and tell me if there is anything else that I need to buy to get good bud. I also need a good place to get good seeds for a good price if any1 knows any websites or something? Or should I just buy starters? also, what kind of soil do I use?THANK YOU

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    I also have no idea how much seeds cost so I was hoping somebody would also tell me how much seeds range from and how many do I need for each plant?


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      Howdy. I gotta start with that I am new too. But I done found out good stuff on here. I ain't never used this stuff, but I been farming for sum years and growed a good many diffrent plants. Theys bout growed all the same way. Humidity and gasses are real seruss for plants of all kind. They's a growchat web page that talk bout that stuff real good.


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        thank you... will regular foil work to cover the walls with? I also heard that you are supposed to keep the room between 70-80F. With plenty of ventilation. Will my plants grow good if I use that 300 Watt LED plant light, cover the grow room in foil, have a few fans, and water it just enough in miracle grow? or is there something better? or am I missing anything?


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          Now I reckon that there luminum will work just fine as long as it ain't got no chem.... on it. cant spell them big words, but I know what a plant need to grow. I ain't no pro in this wacky tabacky so I'm just passin on what theys tellin us. I's at the smok shop today and they showd us som good stuff. stay way from that 80 too much, but watch the humidity. Themseeds xpensiv bout $10 each, so be careful. watch CO2, pH, and all like that. plants ain't like kids, they don't have to eat 6 time a day, but they gotta get good soil food an make them roots grow real; good.

          seed - dark
          veg - 18 hr lite
          flower - 12hr lt
          check out what stage and lite level.

          Too hot aint no good, they burn an curl and then come herm.....male and female plants and spoil whole crop.


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            Hi PO420 Welcome.
            Your light is a good deal. Will be fine for what you want.
            White paint is better for the walls and cheaper than foil. But if foil is what you have that will work good too.
            Your set up will be fine. A good potting compost from the shops will do you. Add in some vermiculite or perlite to improve drainage. About 30% should do it.
            To mine I add some worm castings, some chipped wood bark, some blood/fishbone and some minerals. All from the plant shop. None of them are too expensive.
            When your plants get to flower you will want to feed them. Get a food that is sold for fruiting/flowering plants. Tomato food is good.
            This is enough to get you going. As you progress and learn more you will modify your grow to suit. But this is enough to give you some decent weed.
            Good luck with it. Tell us how you get on.