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    I found a seed while I was packing my bowl one day and got curious. Long story short, it's germinated and planted. This is my first time growing and figured I could use some tips. I can't afford anything, but I wanna grow this seed successfully. It would be easier for me to give full details in conversation, so if someone experienced could message me it would be much appreciated.

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    Hi ScarlettNyte. Welcome. Have a good read of this site. There are sections for both indoors and outdoors growing. All the info you need is here.
    You can pm me with specific question if you like, but you will get more response from posting in an open forum. Many heads are better than one etc.
    There is one thing that is worth mentioning. If you are in the northern hemisphere then it is quite late to be planting seeds outdoors under natural sunlight. These plants will soon begin flowering. You will get some returns, but they will be small compared to what you may have got if you had planted in April/May.
    All the best with your project.