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  • Site Down

    Apologies to all for the recent site issues.
    Both the site and forum were down for a server migration that ended up being more trouble than anticipated. All fixed now though
    Some recent posts were lost. We appreciate all the effort our members go to to make contributions and are really sorry to those of you who lost stuff they had posted.
    If you have any issues with using the forum don't hesitate to send a message to me and I can forward it to our tech guys.
    Thanks to you all.
    Free the Weed!

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    Thanks for the info Bro, I was like what the crap man . Got booted like 30 times since it started lol. I'm Glad everything is back to normal. I missed the site when it was fouled up.


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      Thanks for the feedback. Apologies again. Remember we just do this in our spare time so it's hard sometimes to keep on top of it.
      Everything should be ok now. Let me know if anything is wrong. It's important that we know asap when problems occur.


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        Thanks for all you do schmokin!


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          No worries friend. When it goes smoothly it's a pleasure. These things just keep us on our toes eh....