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How much to water my first time babies ?

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  • How much to water my first time babies ?

    hey guys, its my first time growing and i am growing 20 plants of different strains. I am growing in ontario, Canada. I am wondering how much i should water the plants and how often? I have various guides etc. on how to grow but none of them give me the amount in correct terms. example being like 1 watering can full every 3 days per plant. or 1 average size bucket every 4 days per plant. or is it just like watering any average plant at home? How much per plant or per a certain amount of plants. like 1 bucket for 5 plants every 3 days. If anyone could help that would be appreciated!
    Thank you for your time,


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    Hey Teddy
    You can't find a prescribed amount because it varies from plant to plant and room to room. If you have 20 different strains, some of them are going to have different watering requirements.
    I find a good rule of thumb is to water until it begins to run out of the drain holes at the bottom of the pot, make a note of this amount and next time give just a little less. Then wait until the top inch or two of the soil is dry before watering again.
    If you see your babies every day then they will soon tell you when they need a drink. Leaves will begin to droop and a good water will have them right again wiothin an hour or two.
    The biggest problem for a lot of people is ovewatering, this is really easy to do.
    But really, you've hit the nail on the head when you say is it just like watering an average plant at home. Pretty much so yes.


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      ^^ THIS.

      Every plant will use different amount of water, even if they were to be the same strain. It is also impacted by the amount of heat you have in the room, the depth of the pot that you are using, the compactness of the soil and the soil type.

      I generally found that my dominicans from last grow used about 3-5 liters of water a day, and really you had to water them every day, or they would quickly droop and look unhealthy.

      So 1st time water them until you see water dripping from the bottom of the pot, but also remember that water takes a little while to filter through the soil. So don't just keep pouring until it starts dripping, try pouring 1 liter at a time, wait 2 minutes if not drippage then pour another liter and so on. Be careful when you water them, try to pour the water on an even spread, so that all the surface is evenly wet when you are done. This will ensure that the soil is compacted evenly around and will also prompt the roots to grow in all directions. Avoid hitting the leaves with water, especially if you have nutrients added to it. This can cause leaf burn ultimately damaging the plant. After a few months in my case the soil started to get lower, and some roots in the upper layer became exposed. This is usual as the soil gets more compacted and begins to have less air, just add a new layer on top, until the roots are covered, try to compact it but do not damage the root.

      Happy growing!