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  • suggestions for potting soil

    six seeds in six peat pots have become six beautiful plants ready to be placed into large pots. Any preferred potting soil or special mix? All advice greatly appreciated.

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    Hi 5. Welcome.
    I was just reading Saturnalia's potting mix on another post. There's been a few posts about soil mixes over the years. Have a search of the forum.
    Maybe Sat will share his with you here.....


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      Buy the most expense potting soil, usually a Miracle Gro brand, don't cheap out at this stage and go with more soil for same price. It's Weed free loaded with NPC and good couple week before nutrients are needed.


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        Hi there.
        I've been using the same mix for years and do just fine with it. I avoid Miracle Gro altogether. There are a lot of stories on the forums about burnt plants. Miracle Gro is chemical heavy and worth avoiding if you care what you smoke.
        I start with a big bucket (maybe 30 litres or so) half full of Levigtons. This is a quality compost available in the UK. You will have something similar where you live. To this I add:
        About 30% perlite or vermiculite
        A handful of wood bark mulch
        A handful of volcanic minerals
        2 handfuls of blood/fish/bone
        A handful of worm castings
        A handful of dry, well rotted manure

        If it's for flowering plants I also add a handful of bat guano. I then top dress with this every 3 weeks or so.

        It works for me. Hope it gives you some ideas.