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How and when to water germinated seeds.

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  • How and when to water germinated seeds.

    Hello growers!
    This is my first time growing cannabis. Recently I just germinated my seed and planted in a pot .
    I water it regularly like 2 times a day . however,I'm confused what time and when should I water it ? Should I water them when its dry? (Or moist )?

    Thank you

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    I keep it moist but not wet. I grow in Coco, and I started feeding with liquid nutrients in the second week of growing. I use 1/4 of the strength first few times, then slowly build up to full strength. I use the 6/9 GenHydro formula by H3ad. Going great so far!
    Please make sure your plant is in a 5 gallon pot from roughly 2-3 weeks of age. Otherwise growth might be stunted.
    If you need more help, please share more about your setup, and photos, as it helps others see what you're doing.
    Good luck 😀
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      Hi Anish. Welcome.
      I should tell you that our number one newbie mistake on the forum is over watering. Make sure your plant dries out properly between waterings. You should be able to stick your thumb right into the soil and it be dry before watering again. Twice a day sounds like a lot of watering to me.