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Can growing techniques change or delay the sex of a plant?

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  • Can growing techniques change or delay the sex of a plant?

    My plants are not very big. I planted outdoors late in the summer. I have 7 plants which I topped or tried the FIM technique at least once (a few plants I topped more than once) on every plant. Here is a picture of the 1 single plant that seems to be showing female traits.

    That's cool but I'm just curious why only one plant is showing the sex when every plant is exactly the same age, exact soil, and from the same batch of seeds. The only difference that is possible between the plants is that I FIMmed a couple and I chose to top a couple. Some plants I tied down branches to allow light deep in to the plant. One particular plant I trained to grow completely on it's side to allow the side shoots to grow up.
    I guess what I'm asking is it possible for growing techniques to delay the sexing of a plant? Or is it just normal for plants to show their sex at different times?

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    assuming these are all from the same batch of seeds? the others wont be far behind.....most cannabis other than some landrace strains are cross bred and they could be taking longer due to dominant genes of the slower flowering strain....its possible to have many phenotypes in one strain.