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  • Anything I can do better?

    This is my first grow, be gentle.

    My formula: 3 WW, 2 Bruce Banner. Moved from seedlings to buckets 12/25. Transitioned to pre bloom (18/6 to 12/12, upped the nutes and supplements, the full F F program plus CalMag and when appropriate I'll use Signal for terpine production boost). DWC, 4x4 tent, 1100gpm air pump w/ 2"x4" stones, and 2 TSW 2000 LED's. Three 4 ft T8 w/ 2750 lumen bulbs for red effect. Flush regularly, Ph daily, around 6, PPM's currently at around 1000.

    Topped several times . Also some LST. One or two I got pretty aggressive with, others a little conservative.

    Q's: my LED's are currently 18" above canopy. Can I lower?
    Are the T8's overkill?
    Suggestions on pruning and LST?

    Input is appreciated.