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Your opinion about a connected EC / pH / climate meter

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  • Your opinion about a connected EC / pH / climate meter

    Hello everybody,
    I will run a kickstarter campaign soon to fund the production of a remote monitoring device that takes continuous measurements of the pH, the EC, the climate (temperature, humidity) and light intensity. It's equipped with WiFi so you can see the measurements on your smartphone. You can receive notification when a threshold is exceeded and display daily, weekly and monthly graphs.
    It will cost less than most of combo EC+pH meter you can find on the market.

    I'm an electronic engineer and I grow hydro for almost 8 years now. So I had this idea and spent the last 18 month designing the device with the help of some friends.

    I can't share the website here because of the forum's rules that I don't want to break, but I called it Egrowr so just type the name on Google or Facebook if you want more details.

    I would like to have a feedback from the community about this idea. Do you think it would be useful to receive push notifications when it's time to correct the environment? What are the other features you would want to see in this kind of device?

    Thanks !

    FOR ADMIN : This is not an ad, I'm not representing a company and this is only a project for now, so please be understanding