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The effect of ultraviolet light on plant growth

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  • The effect of ultraviolet light on plant growth

    Purple light and ultraviolet ray (wavelength: 300-440nm) are the main light energy to promote the plant to form pigment, and directly affect the plant's absorption of phosphorus and aluminum elements, the formation of vitamin D, corneum and
    Purple light has a much shorter wavelength than red light and it can be just as effective in helping your plants through the vegetative growth process as blue light. This type of light is very energetic and that energy can be used by your plants, although it won’t be overly effective by itself.
    Nowadays,most manufacturers who own leading technology have succeed in putting UV light into the LED grow light.There are also some companys who claim to owning full 12-band spectrum,actrully,they have no UV light when we test the light with spectroscope.Because UV light has much more energy that other light,it will cause more heat energy which may makes LED burnout.
    The article was wrote from Andy Lee,
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    HI GrowBloom. Welcome.
    That's interesting. My understanding is that resin production is an adapted defence against UV radiation. There's some interesting stuff out there about this. Thanks for sharing.