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    "600 W of LED will "put out" about the "same" heat as a 600W HPS, but we need less power to create the same light, so less heat. Plus but it won't create additional heat as warm light (infrared spike) as wasted energy that also heats up your plants and furthermore the grow tent. As long as there is air movement (i.e., not stagnant air) the Electric Sky panels stay nice and cool because the LEDs are so (evenly) distributed."

    I learned this the HARD WAY with "old-school" bulbs growing 20 years ago on Indian Reservations in spare rooms of the large "teaching houses" they gave us teachers to live in. I've always kept my grows secret, and still do. Back then though, (20+ years ago) when I read the value of air flow, it was a major landmark in my growing success. I started using a big square summer fan suspended. It would naturally oscillate to keep the room air flow moving nicely. Then I learned the power of "ventilation"! To this day, I still use max size bathroom exhaust fans in every grow room: one on zee floor wall to push cool fresh air in, and one on zee ceiling above my lights to vent hot air out. Has always worked like a charm even at the height of summer...without air conditioners. My natural air conditioners are large open windows on either side of the house upstairs where my grow is.

    Back into present, I’m getting huge yields in my little huge I went “commercial” a few years back and started hand-trimming my harvests. Then the auto-trimmers started coming out and every year I tried a new one. Had to because after a year of steady use they’d gum up, break down piss me off and hold up the show. My latest auto-trimmer I got 2 years back is still going strong. Its a TTT and I found it by accident when visiting in SC one summer. You never see them in grow shops up here in Canada. Had a fuck of a time getting it through customs. Told ‘em it was for trimming roses! I fucking love it cause it trims my BUDS just like my hand-trimming without using blades. It’s so simple though and don’t breakdown and I don’t even have to clean it or service it after every harvest like my old trimmers.

    Any of you guys have one? What I’d really like to know is if I was doing anything wrong with my old bladed machines—like, I was following all the instructions for using, cleaning and maintenance but they’d still fuck up and when I’d call for help the help wasn’t there! Just a lot of hassle. Their guarntees were fucking useless.

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    Hi bigchunk. I've no experience of commercial trimmers to share with you. Just wanted to say welcome to the forum ;-)