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1st Coco Coir Grow - I Love/Hate It

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  • 1st Coco Coir Grow - I Love/Hate It

    It just seems like no matter how much you study and prepare, at some point you're gonna be caught off guard when doing something new. That's how I feel about my newest garden. Here's the details:

    4x4x8 tent
    1500, 1000 double chip, full spectrum LED lights
    Advance Nutrients Perfect Sensi Coco pH Grow and Bloom
    Advance Nutrients: Big Bud, Bud Candy, B-52, Cal-Mag Xtra
    Canna Coco brick, ​Perlite, Hydroton
    pH and PPM meters
    RO water
    3 gal earth pots
    The "Girls" -Crop King Seeds, Candy Canes AF (4) + Afghani Regular (2 minus 1-discovered a male today)
    7 weeks veg; 4th week flowering
    Estimated Harvest: 01/22 - 29

    Sorry about the details being so long. Everything has been going great. I've had a little tip burn here and there, and it's true what they say about Advance Nutrients being practically fool-proof. But I do have issues where watering is concerned. The schedule is demanding, and I don't have a normal setup for it. I'm RO'ing into 6 gal containers, making sure each one gets their regular nutrient watering twice a day. I wanted to do it 3x a day, but it's interfering with my job and other responsibilities, not to mention how expensive their products are compared to a few others.

    Here's what I'm trying to work out:
    I ordered the 4-5 gal DWC set up with all the fixins'. I can't transplant, because as forgiving as my girls have been, I fear how this kind of stress would affect them and don't want to to push it. I'm thinking of a variation on the Oxypot system, only using Coco coir instead of the hydroton. This would require placing the pot into the bucket (I don't know if the net pots will hold the 3 gal pots though both are 10in diameter). This could save a lot time and energy for me, but I'm trying to figure what the bad side of this could be, namely what will happen to the roots that are already 11 weeks in the making.
    I'm thinking about letting the pots sit in the buckets for a few days, then figuring out some way to open up the bottom of the pots, allowing the roots to fall/grow down. The Coco-Perlite mixture is as porous as hydroton, with the added bonus of holding oxygen and would soak up pretty well, especially with the air halos (I don't think the stones would be strong enough).
    So, that's where I'm at with all this. I wish I had chosen DWC in the first place, but hindsight and all that. I wish I could push through the next few weeks, but my schedule (work, school, family) is getting so bad right now, that I've got to do something.
    If nothing else, thanks for letting me vent a bit about this. I know that there are probably who'd love to switch problems with me right now. :-P
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    I haven't taken any pics for the last two weeks, so I'll tackle that this week. Meantime, here's the most recent pics of two of my Candy girls at 5 weeks veg.

    Attachment Attachment These two are the Afghanis at 5 weeks that turned out to be 'guys.'I'm convinced that the large leaves should be viewed as a giveaway, but alas, they are directly descendant from the "Rud," so I can't rely totally on that, right?
    Oh well, I have four more regular seeds. I'll probably wait until the summer to plant them where they won't be a danger.

    Attachment and this is a photo of the plant I harvested recently. It grew so fast in CoCo - FFOC -Perlite (and I used FoxFarm's soil nutrients along with Humboldts Bloom and molasses), that I was determined to try CoCo + Perlite for this grow.
    Update: I planted two Afghani seeds, thinking one of them would be female. Nope. Both are male and now I've got to plan to get them removed before they cause trouble. I'm rolling Thai sticks this weekend (It's a process over a couple of months). I'll be using the leaves to wrap.
    Still waiting to hear some ideas, advice on my other grow.


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      This isn't a very active board, is it?


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        Nice pics Coco.
        The forum wanes on and off with how busy it is. Traditionally we are pretty quiet over the festive period anyway.