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Royal Gold Mendo Mix vs. Fox Farm Ocean Forest

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  • Royal Gold Mendo Mix vs. Fox Farm Ocean Forest

    I've had 10 babies in solo cups for 2.5 weeks and went into my local grow store for soil. This is my second grow and planned on using Fox Farm Ocean Forest again. However, the store was out and going to be over a week before new order comes in. Guy I normally get info from talked me into using Royal Gold Mendo Mix. He caught my attention when he told me about the benefits of coco core retaining only the amount of H2O it can hold, helping avoid over watering. Apparently it has the same amount of nutrients packed in as ocean forest, but I'm starting to worry it may be a little hot. I transferred the plants earlier today and getting 24 hours of light before I set the timer back on. Long story short....anybody have any experience with Royal Gold, or did I make a valuable mistake transplanting into this kind of heat before 3 weeks of growth..? Thanks for any advice for the Newb!

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    Hi Fullbowl. I can't comment directly about the brands you are using, but in my experience most brands are nearly always too hot. Use less than they say, especially in veg. A 3 week old plant doesn't require hardly any nutes at all.....