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    Very newbie. Looking at the SuperBox CFL Grow Cabinet. Read generally positive reviews but haven't gotten an answer to a basic question: How much yield can I get from the cabinet? I realize there is a range based on a multitude of factors, but can someone give me an educated answer? Also, if anyone has used a grow box that is approximately the same size and believes is a better product, love to hear your thoughts.

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    HI CaliKush. Welcome.
    Post a link to the box and we can make a guess at it.
    Although you are right. This is a massively variable number. You should also know that the box manufacturers always exaggerate. Also, as a newbie you will get a lot less than a pro commercial grower. I'd start off by aiming for an ounce dry per plant under CFLs. Post the link though and I'll take a closer look.


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      Thanks for your help Saturnalia. Check out the link and let me know what you think. A Z per plant doesn't sound too bad since I'm only ever going to grow for personal use. Couple of questions:

      1. Even though the pictures of the box show a system that appears to be able to grow 8 plants, I can't believe that's possible is such a small space. I'm thinking one, maybe two at most - do you agree?
      2. Can you recommend a strain that would grow well in the space provided and given I'm a first timer? I'm thinking along the lines of a hardy, bushy Indica.

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        They are being very very optimistic trying to fit 8 plants in there!
        I agree, 2 plants would do it. I would go for something like Northern Light. It's nice and easy to grow, stays fairly compact and has a great hit.
        You might want to think about growing through a wee screen. Would make efficient use of that space.
        Let us know how it works out for you.