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First time indoor skunk #1 advice

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  • First time indoor skunk #1 advice

    Hi everyone,
    This is my first time growing and I'm kind of nervous all the time What I'm afraid of is: 1: the light is either too close or too far away from the plants. 2: That the setup isn't okay in some way 3: That the the plants need more or less water.
    I noticed that one of the plants two leaves is growing downwards and isn't stretched out. Overall question: Does it look alright? Btw - I am giving them 24/24 light. There is only two plants. I don't have any nutrients (there was some in the soil already) I dont have perlite. I am a bit worried that the roots doesnt get enough air because of that.
    Here's the pictures so far!!! DAY 3!!!
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    Hello Lukas.

    The light should be 14-18 inches, from the plant. And from the photo's, it looks like you'll need perlite, in the soil, to keep it moist. The soil, in your picture, looks moist now, but once your plants get bigger, you'll be watering every 2-3 days, and will need the perlite to keep the moisture in the soil, as long as possible.

    As far as them bending over, that way? give them some time to straighten out. Rotate your plants, so that they will bend back toward the light, and keep rotating them, so they bend back straight up.

    You'll want to start them on a small amount of nutrient, around day 14. You'll have to get some, before long, so you might start by reading our nutrient Thread, to get familiar with, what you'll need 2 start. their is nothing in the soil mix, that will replace the nutrient required to fead the plant, what it requires, 2 grow the correct way. you need to add nutrient's, when you feed, (water) your plants.

    This is a good start, their up, and growing.
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