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    Alright, so I'm a first time grower. However, I'm the type to do it right, or not do it at all. I'm about $1000 into my grow right now. I know I have too many plants/not enough light. Got a little excited in the beginning. Growing with two Super Grow LEDs, and also bought 3 additional LEDs for flowering. The 5 potted plants are Big Bud auto, and the two in the front are Black domina x White widow. The 5 autos are about ready to harvest (on 24/0 now), and the other 2 will veg for a week or so after harvest before I switch to 12/12. I'm curious as to when to harvest. I've read some LEDs don't produce the right light to induce trics changing to amber. Also read some auto's trics won't turn amber. Attached are some pictures. ANY feedback is GREATLY appreciated. Interested in learning more so any information is sincerely appreciated. I've done my reading and research and have a pretty good understanding of how to grow. Let me know what you think!
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    Those buds look good to me. You've obviously done your homework. Ultimately the final decision on harvest time is one of personal preference rather than right or wrong. Read this page about when to harvest your cannabis plants. There comes a point when the plant starts to decrease THC levels and increase CBD levels (am not sure if this is a direct cause/effect i.e., it converts THC to CBD, of if it just happens at the same time). Your window of opportunity is somewhere along this line. Do you like a heavy body stone or a lighter head buzz?