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    I have acquired an Ozone Generator that I have absolutely no info has 2 transformers, the circuitry looks incredible. I am told its strong enough to accommodate an olympic size swimming pool. It was received from a storage auction-owner had a compounding pharmacy set up inside. I do not know what to do with this thing and am looking for suggestions...THANKS!

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    What you have is also known as an ionizer. It produces O3 ions which are ozone molecules.
    Most people (smokers and indoor pet owners especially) use these as room air fresheners to eliminate airborne odors. You could probably use to hyper-ionize water simply by running an aeration pump in a bucket of water next to the unit. I'm not sure what that will do, but they say ions dissolved in water are good for plants.
    If anything, it will help keep the smell down which will in turn keep nosey noses away!


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      Everything stated above is true, ozone generators (O3 molecule generator) Please don't mistake it for a negative ion generator (-O1) as they are completely different, but similar in operation and often combined in machines to work together. Ozone (O3) has a lot of advantages, such as air freshening (which works by producing an unstable molecule that consists of 3 oxygen molecules [henche the "O3"] and is attracted to debris such as dust and odors and what not and what happens is the extra oxygen molecule breaks off and is used to oxygenate the debris causing it to become heavier and fall to the ground) I think I worded that as best I can lol.. But there are allot of bad things along with ozone molecules being generated.. 1, allot of grows have been tested when exposed to ozone generaters present in the room (usually use to rid the smell and filter the air) and it was shown that at high levels of ozone, the plants actually burnt almost like nutrient burn and caused lots of stressed when higher levels of o3 were preset in the air. 2, another test showed that when in mild levels of o3 were present, (to the point where plants could tollerate it) the yield was less and the potency was un recorded, but the affect the o3 had on the finished product was that the bud had almost no smell to it at all and was very dried out and that it had almost no taste when smoked.. That's the affects on using it in the room with the plants, using regular house hold sized generaters designed to be used in medium sized rooms.. I would hate to see what it would do to use what it seems like your describing as an industrial sized ozone generater.. Oh gawd lol.. There are a lot more negative affects of ozone, such as: it is an unstable molecule and is infact not only flamible, but is combustible! Also, if you have any metals that are rusting around the present ozone, the o3 will make that rusting rate absolutely accelerate! It will even make the metal it's self become slightly warmer in temprature, this is where it's most likely to combust without a spark.. You'll notice that if you use it around certain metals, they'll change colors after a while and I've even read where people have used these in grow rooms and they reported that the nails in thier dry wall had turned black! That's when they were painted over, if this stuff can change the color of pain covered dry wall nails, imagine it's potential on the rest of your house.. Especially the frame! There is also the fact that ozone is unhealthy to be breathing in. Your body can handle it just fine, but over exposure will soon start to make you sick, and there is even a fine line where ozone can and DOES become lethal.. You def don't want to be using it in a small closed off space where you could eventually pass out an die from it.. Yikes!

      I don't want to put a bad name on ozone, but I do want everyone who reads this to be aware of all of the research I've done about it and the information I've gathered. I can't cite all of the sources igot that Info from, but it's not all mine, just in my words.. So tht means that any of that info above is from "he said she said" an I'm sure some of it's scientifically proven, but any of it could be wrong.. Just be careful if you do chose to use o3.. If you do use it, I've heard of methods where you can have it produced in your exhausting system where it goes outside with your dirty air (filtered or not) and I've heard that it can be used where you have your dirty air (exhaust) being poured into your attic or a different area where life isn't constantly present and won't cause harm.. Have the ozone generator in there and then dump your exhaust there and have the ozone clean it away from the plants and life, than exhaust it out of the attic with another exhaust or if you have an exhaust already for your attic.

      Also.. When produced, it takes about 20-30 mins for it to break down into seperate oxygen molecules (o2 and o1.. Where the single oxygen molecule is usually used to oxinate the debris in the air when attached leaving just o2) [from what I understand]

      Also just to clarify, negative ion generators kind of work the same, but they produce negative ions which attract positive molecules (usually the debris such as dust and odor and what not present in the air) usually like static electricity. These are a lot more safe from what I've heard and they are known to help with stress and allergies and what not.. I don't know if that's a fact, but they do eliminate odors and do a pretty good job at it. ( negative ions are usually naturally created from moving waters or stuff like that.. Friction I guess?) that's why you find a lot of negative ions around the bottom of waterfalls and at beaches and such.. A theory is that negative ions are the reason walking on the beach is so stress relieving.. There are a lot more negative ions outdoors than there are indoors (sometimes up to 50x more) they seem to have the same affect on plants where it dries them into a somewhat fluffy bud with very little to no scent and no taste.. They aren't combustible and haven't been proven to have any negative health affects..

      Just google "ozone health effects" and you'll see plenty of bad things said about it and prob facts about why and if you google "negative ion health effects" you'll find allot of good things actually..

      One thing to remember if you decide to buy any of these generators, make sure it's approved by a trusted foundation like the FDA (or whatever approvers/testers actually say weather they are good or not) and if you decide to buy a negative ion generator, watch out for the ones that are negative ion generators along with ozone generators, I've seen plenty of these machines that produce negative ions along with harmful ozone.. And I've even seen some labeled "negation ion generator" where they actually say they produce ozone in the description (completely mis advertised) so watch out! And do your research when buying to make sure you get what your wanting!