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  • New to All of this - Setup Questions

    OK - Everything is out of the box and set up. My questions are about ventilation. Kind LED suggest keeping the room with the tent 82-85 degrees. My concern is that the temp in the closet and room have been running 82-90 degrees this week, without anything running. So, some questions...

    My Gorilla Tent has lots of extra openings. Do I keep them closed, with both draw strings?

    I have the 4" Carbon Filter and Inline Fan ducted through the top and to the only window that opens in that room. Wouldn't it work if I drilled a 4" Dryer Vent into the outside wall in the closet and ducted to that instead of the window?

    I have a 6 or 8? inch fan - would it make since to put it in the bottom port opening on the tent from the outside? Would that help with air and temperatures? If so, would it need to run 24/7? (Going to try to attach a picture)
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    Cool air in at the bottom, warm air out at the top. Deffo run it 24/7. You need the fan to be running and exchanging the air all the time.