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My 2017 Grow Sativa Check

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  • My 2017 Grow Sativa Check

    So, checking in with some new pix from what has the potential to be my very best all time grow. Hope I don't jinx myself but I am busting to share some pictures and ideas.
    Call me a size queen if you will but I like em tall, big, and long, and girthy. And if I get my way I'm already thinking there is No Way I'll smoke all that if she comes to fruition. I refer to Pic 1 & 2 my biggest Jack White. If you look for it you can see the yardstick in picture 1. For the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th foot you will have to use your imagination.
    Pic 3 is the one I planted as Royal Medic. It is nothing like my past 3 seasons of RM. I am still hoping someone will recognize the strain and let me know what it really is. I have a mail out to the seed company in England. Not that I think they will co-operate truthfully. She is a medium high plant and the most difficult I have ever grown. The mold scourge wants to claim this one and I doubt there will be anything I can do about it. I'll give it my best.
    #4 & 5 is OG Kush. I have grown OGK for many seasons and it was always an Indica dominant strain. When I saw this one marked "Mostly Sativa" I figured I'd give it a go. She is a tall thin beauty.
    Being the begining of August I say these girls should reach womanhood right on schedule.
    I'll Say HIGH!!!!
    #1 JW with yard stick. 8' and full of cola. #2 JW Cola Close Up #3 RM.  I doubt I'll get this to smoke before the mold takes it.  A damn difficult grow under my condition

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    Wow! It's going to be a bumper harvest for Jimmy the Saint! Nice one man. Well done.
    The seed company in England is likely to be a seed broker rather than producer so are unlikely to be able to help with anything other than guesswork.
    As for the mold. watch out it doesn't spread to any other pants. I'd rather lose one than all of them. I hate bud rot and have lost out to her before in the past.
    Looking forward to seeing this one out Jimmy. Those lanky sativas may be a while in flower, be interesting to see how big they get before the end.


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      Ya, Ya, you say broker, I say company, tomato, potaetoe! The important part of that chant is that one really never knows what that little seed is until one grows it himself. The seed distribution entities are focused on their profit and their relative anonymity. I get that! Sort of like your dealer only it's mail order. I wish there was more "honor" in good business practice throughout the industry. You will probably say they are not all bad and you would be right but to which I'd say there are not many good one either.
      I have but one answer and hope to set my plan into next spring. My Own Dream Strain. Stay tuned, this time next season I may be counting seeds as well as cola's.


      • shawn420
        shawn420 commented
        Editing a comment ive ordered from these guys and beceause they didnt have a special pack for one of the strains,they sent me 6 free can also get only one seed if you want wich i dont see very often,they also supply all the facts for that strain...good luck

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      Go Jimmy! Looking forward to hearing more about that as it unfolds.


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        Wow, that's super cool! Let me hear about your achivements with it!