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  • Home made carbon filter

    Hi everyone. I posted a thread a way back about building a secret, stealthy grow cabinet in a filing cabinet or under my work bench. A whole load of stuff has happened since then that has caused me to leave that project on the back burner.
    However, I'm back and at it again. Have found a great little hiding hole. It's small, but bug enough for two or three plants at atime. Which is all I need.
    Budget is on a bit of a tight leash so I have been trawling e-bay and making things myself.
    I'm just about to make a home made carbon filter. I've been looking on youtube and various blogs and know roughly what it is I want to do. Rather than fill a container with activated charcoal I am considering building a cylinder from screen material and covering it in charcoal matting.

    The question I have for you guys is, has anybody any experience of using the charcoal matting that is sold for fitting in cooker hoods? The sizes and price is right. I'm just not sure about the efficacy, although I'm only using it for two or three plants.

    Any other comments or suggestion that anybody has for a cheap, effective, home made carbon filter.... I'm all ears....

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    Well I made one and though you guys might like to see.
    What I did was get a bathroom fan and attach some screen over the end of the outlet duct. Then I made a tube of cardboard and attached some screen over one end of that. Then I got some clean rinsed activated charcoal (cheap on ebay) and stuffed it into the foot of one of my wife's old stockings (pretty lacy ones haha!). I dropped the charcoal package into the tube, wedged the meshed outlet duct down onto it and taped the whole thing together. Then I added the flexible ducting. My only quandary was that it pushed the air rather than pulled it, but it pushes the air through the charcoal no problem. There is some restriction in air flow but it's for a small space with just 2 to 4 plants (not decided yet) so I reckon it will suffice.
    Here's some pics of it. Since this I have fitted it into my newly built grow space by hanging it up to avoid vibrations. It's super quiet and moves the air just fine. Will just need to wait now until the plants are stinking a bit to see how effective it is.
    I will do a grow diary when my clones come and you can see it in place.
    2013-08-16 16.13.08.jpg2013-08-16 16.13.18.jpg2013-08-16 16.13.31.jpg2013-08-16 16.13.52.jpg2013-08-16 16.19.59.jpg


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      Wow! Nice work. I like to make things myself, or rather, I hate paying extra money for 'specialist' stuff.
      Be sure to let us know how this works. Whilst it is true that fans pull better than they push, if you only have a small set up I can't see there being a problem with that, I think it will move the air easy enough, just want to know if it removes the smell. Let us know.


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        Nice Saturnalia,

        Clever idea, hope it does the job.
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