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A ? for you scrogers??

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  • A ? for you scrogers??

    I'm fairly new to indoor growing and want to give the scrog method a go. I have 2 areas that will be 30" by 8 foot to do a scrog and want to grow the sativa type plants.
    How many plants would be good for each area grown in 5 gal. buckets with soil?? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    Depends how long you want to veg for. In theory you could fill it with one plant, but you'd be a long time waiting ;-)
    I would have thought that the 30" was about right for one plant, so maybe around 8 plants..?
    I had one plant under a screen that was about 40" X 20", but it took way too long to fill and I ended up not making the best use of the space. 2 plants would have been just right.
    But I'm no expert on the subject....


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      Honestly, it is a REALLY labor intensive grow method, predicated on a lack of headroom... Sort of designed for people growing in an already restricted space and only having, as Saturnalia points out, 40x20, or maybe 36x36, but that's about the limits I have seen. If that is your predicament, then SOG with multiple plants, over the same square footage, would yield MUCH faster, maybe as much as 2 times as fast? Provided you can source and fill the area with enough plants... Now, if you are like me, have way too much time on your hands, you might end up with a palm tree looking thing laying around the house... Think of it this way, each of the final cola's in a SCROG setup, had to grow all the way out... where as each of the plants in an SOG set up, only have to grow about 10 inches... , in a 40x20, that means some branches had to grow out 20 inches, in a 36x36 the corners are still about 20 inches out... see what I mean?


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        Thanks for the replies guys. I'm in no hurry on the veg side and like to maximize the harvest and I like tinkering with the plants. In my research it seems that most suggest 1 plant per each sq. foot of screen, that to me seems crazy. I'm thinking probably no more than the 8 like Sat recommended, like I said I'm in no big hurry and like to see the plants mature.
        I built a grow/reloading room off the back of the garage and the grow area is totally separate and insulated. Now I need to get some seeds ordered.
        Thanks again guys. Mike