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The German Connection. ( Lollipop Doyle )

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  • The German Connection. ( Lollipop Doyle )

    15 mins ago there was a surprize knock on the door ! it was postman and he had a package for me, a DVD The Game in German but what a lovely surprize when i opened it too find 6 elite clones of 2 clone only strains i have been after for a while Super silver sour diesel haze x N.L. Mushy cut and the other is Bubblegum The Slaad cut well stoked woop woop So thank you too my German connection

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    Apicture of my cloner now i have my clones from Germany and The ones i did myself and should have more next week 004.jpg004.jpg006.jpg007.jpg008.jpg


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      Im stoked 1 of the clones i had sent tome have started rooting and too say im over the moon is an understatement realy quick and looks real healthy, its 1 of the Riri cut Sour Diesel. WOOP WOOP HAPPY DAYS


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        Hi everyone im glad too inform that the Crurts (Germans ) has rooted and has already tranfered 4 of them into soil and got them in veg room vegging as we speak i will drag them out tommorrow and take some pics of these ladys, i fell truely blessed too have these clones in my collection now, S.S.S.D.H.x N.L. Mushy cut and Riri Sour Diesel clone only cut are looking sweet, im having trouble with space as i now have quite a few keepers so it might be time todo my experiment with gafting as even know its ilegal we still have very stiff guide lines and apparently 9 or more plants means you are classed as commercial grower yet i have never sold green in my life, i have gifted or traded marajuana in the past but who has nt. The Bubble Gum Slaad cut and Gorilla Glue #4 Blue Dream, Loompas Headband, Casey Jones Periphery Cut, all looking fine and rooting like a barstard lol Lollipop


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          images.jpgHere are my gift some my German friends 040.jpg039.jpg
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            048.jpg047.jpg038.jpg037.jpgAnd just thought i would put a pic here of my Misses for you too drule over Viper LMAO4388-6cd4974e7c5621c7fd68b56088ee3513.jpg