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leaves yellowing and dying... plz help...

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  • leaves yellowing and dying... plz help...

    So I have 3 bag seeds about 5 weeks along, and one of my babies is sick...

    I am growing hydro in a greenhouse, perlite medium. dynagro grow nutes, just transplanted from indoor solo cups 19n5 cycle, floro, to greenhouse hydro system... note the yellowing appeared before transplant, so I'm pretty sure its not related.

    The leaves are mottling yellow and brown, starting on the lower leaves, though its ascending.
    All three get same water and nutes, but only one is sickly.

    Dont know if it matters or not but before transplanting, I had quite a bit of algae in the perlite, but only in the healthy two, and barely none in the sick one.


    it didnt show very well but there is faint browning in between the veins in the middle pic.

    any help would be greatly apreciated, thanks.


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    You might be giving them to much nutrients but if you have 3 and the other 2 are fine it could be a bad seed may be give the one that's not doing very good less nutrients worth a try and is ur ph levels ok ?