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Choosing between Arizer Solo, Arizer Air or Vriptech?

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  • Choosing between Arizer Solo, Arizer Air or Vriptech?

    I am a vaporizer newbie and looking to purchase one soon to give my lungs a break. As I live in a city where smoking implements cannot be legally sold I have to order over the internet. I went to my local hydro store asking for advice on choosing a vaporizer and he suggested either the Arizer solo, Arizer air or the Vriptech. My criteria is - must be affordable (which kind of rules out the Vriptech), must have very few or no attachments or accessories (because I have to order them over the internet and do not want to have to frequently purchase new parts or attachments or accessories), must be convection based heating and not conduction based heating, and finally, if possible, one that does not rely on batteries or plugging into a power outlet to work. Because this is my first venture into the world of vaporizers and I do not want to overspend on my first device, I am really restricted to one of the Arizer vapes and not the Vriptech which is significantly more expensive. However I am interested in hearing from anyone who has tried smoking from a Vriptech to see if it is really worth the price?
    I am also very keen on hearing from anyone who has tried either of the above mentioned Arizer models and whether they fit my criteria eg is the Solo or Air convection based heating and do they have many separate parts that need frequent replacing (a bad thing)? And are they battery powered (my preference is not battery powered)? Maybe someone can suggest an even better model? I live in Australia so would prefer to order from an Australian website.
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    I own the Arizer Solo,Air and the Extreme Q and love all 3! I also did a review on the Air if that is any help.

    But if you are looking for battery life go with the Solo if you want portability,discreet and superb vapour go with the Air but get an extra battery or 2. Solo will give you the same great tasting vapor but the glass stems do not stay snug on the unit making it a bit easy to fall off and brake the glass pipe. Also the size is less discreet!