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Best quality vaporizer for someone on a budget?

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  • Best quality vaporizer for someone on a budget?

    Hi I am looking at getting a vaporizer. As I am in Australia and our dollar is down against the US currency I really am restricted to something under $250 US. My other criteria are:
    ​Must have no accessories that need replacing (or the least possible) eg a simple all-in-one unit, again because I am in Australia and I do not want to have to order replacement parts from the other side of the world every time;
    Must be convection (not conduction) as the combustion method;
    Must be portable and not requiring to be plugged in to operate, preferably a rechargeable unit or ideally one that doesn't need power.
    I have looked around a bit and have noticed that good ones are the Iolite, Vercdamper, Volcano Digital Classic, Haze Dual V3 and the Mighty. However, these are all very expensive and seem to have a lot of parts that would require frequent replacing. I am also wondering why they are so expensive eg compared to bongs? Based on my criteria, would you suggest I go a vape pen rather than a proper vaporizer?
    Please help

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    wow, australia, eh, mate? lol!! by portable, do you mean smoking while driving in a car or walking around? if its walking around, i'd go with an inexpensive pen type, you can get one for waxy oils and one for leafy materials and still be under 100 bucks, white rhino makes one called the trifecta which does ecig liquid, waxy oils and flowers (one battery) - the one thing you will find, though, is you will need to order a couple of extra coils for the wax and flowers both, as i have yet to find a pen type yet that lasts a long time with frequent use. that being said, the magic flight launch box, with cyclones "waxy oils' pads, work great for both oils and flowers if you use the said pads to hold the oil. Now that i know what you are looking for i'll do a little more specific research and get back to you soon.


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      I would highly suggest the Arizer Air. Great company to deal with and the warranty is top notch. Here is my little review on it. Sells for around $199 Canadian.
      As well i also got the Focusvape that is not bad but battery life sucks but on the positive side you can get extra batteries for it and just swap them out. It sells for $99 us give or take 10 bucks depending where you purchase it from.

      Arizer Air:



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        Thanks for suggeting the Arizer Air, I know it's cheaper than other brand but is it really great? I am sorry that I am asking because I already been tricked by a cheap korean brand bho extractor before. Buying cheap is great but the extract that I got from that brand really sucks. Hope that won't happen again. Thanks


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          Although I don't own one, I have used and arizer air and it seemed ok to me. The guy who had it seemed happy too. I'm not out and out recommending it to you as I don't know enough about it, but that was my experience.


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            I have an Arizer Air and it's okay but I just bought the flowermate v5.0s and it's amazing. So easy to throw it in your pocket and it's pretty affordable. Still $159 here in Australia but worth it!


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              Go for PAX 3 it is around $250