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    I love my vapes. I have many, and have tried most. Each has a learning curve to it, especially the portable ones. You have to take a day to learn each.. and most new Vaporists think that they are not that crazy about their choice on the first couple of tries.
    I tell people to use "bunk" weed the first day, to get the feel of the unit. Once you are able to get some of that to vape, some potent strain with some real oils will be a snap. Don't waste the good stuff on your trial "blast"!
    I tell folks also to look at some YouTubes while deciding. I find them informative, not in quality ( it's rarely good) but to see how easily they manipulate the unit they are showing.
    I'm gonna show you my favorite 3 vapes.
    I show my "Fast Blast" (Magic Flight Launch Box), "my full session on the move" (Vapir NO2), and "The Workhorse" (my Silver Surfer vaporizer)

    There are many vaporizers out there, and there are many people here interested in learning about this. Arzona just made Medical MJ legal. The vaporizer business is about to rocket off the charts, as readers learn how absolutely appealing a "practice" that it is.
    In my home area I made a clearinghouse of informative links for vapor enthusiasts (you will see this website linked to it too!) Tucson Vapor Trail
    The problem is now, that there will be a bunch of scammers, and cheap "knockoffs" of legit vapes out there. People that do not try to do it correctly.... even with a good vape can be discouraged. Imagine the discouragement if they buy a cheap little vape that falls apart or does not function to specs.
    So here is to THIS particular thread growing strong. Let's guide the new vapor enthusiasts in a proper way, so they don't get burned! (no pun intended).
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    Vaporizing Other Herbs

    I have been enjoying trying various herbs for vaporization for a long time.
    i found charts of temperatures at which to vaporize the various herbs. There are not any complete lists of temperatures, but when you try any herb, just start low, and work up.. you learn fast enough.
    I decided the other day to get the feel for each of the herbs.
    I collected 50 herbs (I imagine there will be more in this collection before this experiment is over)
    I will do my very first Vapor hits of the day, before I medicate, with an herb.
    I will give each herb I try a few days to see what the effects are.

    I will compile the complete findings and post them, once my personal study is done!
    The SSV (Silver Surfer) will be used for this entire project.


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      Grinding herb for vaping

      I lovingly pulled my bud apart hair by hair, to prepare for vaping. I was THAT old school about it.
      I stepped into the future with my acceptance of grinders. I have tested a bunch, and stuck with my faves. Some weed gets put through one, and then a vial is prepared for another vape that uses a finer grind (MFLB for example) and that weed is sent through a different grinder!

      I was the diehard that didn't believe in grinders!


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        Hand held Wand

        Many say that the SSV handheld wand is inconvenient. Once you get used to holding it, it becomes second nature. Here I move a loaded wand every which direction, and I make a number of natural moves... never spilling a drop.
        VTV Presents: Gunslinging with that SSV Handheld Wand

        Touch Image to view Video


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          7th Floor LLC Life Saber (part1)

          I will be talking about the Life Saber vaporizer. This will be divided into a couple of posts.
          I must break the first portion into 4 posts because the forum only allows 4 images per post.
          The Life Saber is a $200 Vaporizer from the makers of DBV and SSV. The LSV (as it is refered to) is from time to time on sale as well. Due to the cost of this vape, and the relatively few owners, I am going to talk in this post about the package and contents, and later will post more about use and my impressions.
          I am going to have to say all that I will need to say about this vape in more than one post.
          Today I will tell about my impressions as I looked at the contents of my bag.

          Visible was the rock solid cylinder that is the LSV, and in the corner a stirring pick stuck in the label.

          Hidden in Ultra thick, and well padded pockets were two more objects. A long glass rod (the Vapor Tube), and the Water adapter.

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            LSV part 2

            The glass Vapor tube fits snuggly into it's ground glass connection at the end of the Saber.

            The cap unscrews from the LSV to reveal the coonector, which is shaped like a spherical ground glass connector on the outside surface.


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              LSV part 3

              With the cap off, the ground glass Heater cover fits snuggly against the water adapter.

              And due to it's spherical nature, you can aim the heat in any direction into your bowl.


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                LV part 4

                And... for the bad ass heavy hitters out there, the WaterPipe Adapter comes with this huge chamber as well!

                Don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of the items I have shown here. This is serious vape tool, and due to it's value, and the present number of owners of this vape, I wish to post my impressions carefully.
                Next post will be about the units use!


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                  Portable Vaporizer

                  Have you tried the Arizer Solo? saw a pretty good price on it at Vaporizer for Weed ? and was thinking about buying one. thoughts?


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                    about the Solo

                    If you go to Fuck Combustion Vaporizer Review Site.. The Solo, please read the most recent posts.
                    I was turned off to the Solo, by it's biggest fans, as they posted, bug fixes, workarounds, and how to use other parts from various vapes to keep the Solo working.
                    I was further disappointed, to learn the cost of a replacement battery was 100 Bucks.. and could only be done by sending the unit in.
                    Please read the entire review thread, not from page one when it was a beautiful concept.. but rather read all comments since it's actual release. This will help you make an educated decision.
                    The Solo has become one of my favorite vaporizers!
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                      The LSV (with Transfer Wand)

                      First I want to talk about the transfer wand method of using this vape.
                      I will say that this is no toy. The LSV is a Vaporist's Vaporizer, and is not for the "casual experimenter".
                      Using the transfer wand one can go from Zero to "Totally Medicated" in seconds.
                      You can load a tiny pinch, or load as much as you might load into an SSV/DBV wand.
                      The transfer wand with the LSV is extremely easy to use. You suck some herb into the end as you would with the SSV wand.
                      I aim the LSV toward the ground to put the transfer wand in place. One inhalation with the wand in this position will let the herb, sort of stick itself in place, and then I am free to move the Life Saber in any direction I want.
                      There is very open, unrestricted air flow, and I found that I could inhale as fast as I could breath if I chose. The taste of this Vapor is 100% pure!
                      The video lacks my usual verbal rundown, as I turned the unit on, and got busy.
                      One wand can give you up to 6 or 7 hits exactly as full as you see me take here. I only took 3 hits, and you will see me turn the unit off, as I was fully medicated, and there was no use going further.
                      I will be posting a few Transfer Wand tips.. I will also be most likely ordering the "Shorty Transfer Wand", as the long one has proven to be even more than promised.
                      I will talk about he Water Method of using the LSV later on!

                      Touch image to see 3 brief hits using the LSV with Transfer Wand
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                        I just improved some average "mids" into some pretty damn strong bud.
                        Let me start from the beginning….
                        The jars are 91% Iso.
                        The Jar to your right has 5 tiny "twiglets" in it from some Grade A Dank.
                        The jar at the right has been collecting teeny twiglets like that for 3 years.
                        It was so dark and oily that I strained out the twiglets and started the new jar you see here.
                        I had a sack of mids that were OK, but nothing to write home about…..
                        OK.. I take that back. I am writing home now!
                        I dipped a couple bone dry buds into a shot glass with some of my green gold.
                        It dried into almost black looking buds. They dried overnight, and my report is…
                        1-Damn….. when is this first bud going to stop making clouds?
                        2-Man I am high.. don't know if I can find my way down from up here!!


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                          Whats Next Doctor?

                          nice reviews, what do you have next for us good sir?


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                            What's next

                            Originally posted by vapelife View Post
                            nice reviews, what do you have next for us good sir?

                            I will discuss the Magic Flight Launch Box Water Pipe Adapter (WPA), add a couple brief videos of that. There will be some more accessories later today also!
                            Later on I will review many new Vapes about to be released.
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                              MFLB PA and WPA

                              Magic Flight has released a PA (Power Adapter) for use with the launch box. This allows you to choose just the level you like to power your box, without the inconvenience of a batteries varying voltage. (also you never need to recharge). It fits into the battery hole, and has a button on the base.
                              Many use this tool at the highest level. I find that it is more pleasurable to vape at the lowest level.. and allow the trench to vape over 15 minutes.. so I can enjoy the flavor!
                              Magic Flight also released a WPA (Water Pipe Adapter). This device is simplicity itself, yet allows use of the LB with almost any downstem type bong!
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